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Behind The Scene

On the 13th July of 2020, The Transcend Artist Cyrille The Angel released the Single Natalia Mubenga on ITunes or Apple Music. It is also available on other Digital Stores. The song goes deep into some memories of Cyrille The Angel and brings us some new Treasure for meditation. But I would like to know everything about the song. Let’s hear from the Transcend Artist himself. Here is The Interview I had with Him.

About The Transcend: Good Day Cyrille The Angel!

Cyrille The Angel: Good Day Sam! How are you?

About The Transcend: Quite Good. First thing when I went through your Single Natalia Mubenga is the Cover Art of the Single…

Cyrille The Angel: Ah!

About The Transcend: Yes. Why did you choose this Picture for this Single?

Cyrille The Angel: Lol. Well, the song is some memories… it  still hurts me to think about it. I choose this picture because it really represents the song and it is a really great thing that I did.

About The Transcend: How did you capture this moment on the picture? We see you talking on the phone and then, you look straight in front of you… this is great.

Cyrille The Angel: Yes, it is great. I’ll answer that question in another interview, not now. This is not the time for me to answer to that question. This is the picture of this song.

About The Transcend: To illustrate that memory, you play the role of a Financial Trader living in London, UK. You met Natalia Mubenga before Uchebu, the West African Woman but you are only trying to date Natalia Mubenga now. Why now?

Cyrille The Angel: It is a difficult question because I don’t want to have my Congolese sisters angry with me. It’s just Music and maybe it is the time to sit around with my Congolese sisters and have a nice talk. Natalia is a Congolese girl a bit older than me, 4 years older. I am just trying to have them hyped up. After all they are my sisters. I’m a really proud Congolese.

About The Transcend: I see. The song Natalia Mubenga… how did you come to make the Instrumental? Was it some Special Inspiration you had during the Night?

Cyrille The Angel: No. I was walking in my living room and I just got that rhythm. I started moving and I said to myself, let me make a nice song to “My Pain”. It is how I call a girl I fell in Love with long ago. I had a bad dream where I saw her hindering my wedding. So, I decided to make the Instrumental to have a nice song because the Song My Pain is too languorous. I put myself on it and I opened my laptop and started working on the instrumental. I made the first, second, third, fourth and the fifth melody for the Soprano Saxophones. It could have gone to six Soprano Saxophones. And then, I added a new sound on the instrumental. Then, I tried to listen to it all and something was missing. That’s where I made the Drums as it is now.

About The Transcend: Yes. Incredible Drums… I love it.

Cyrille The Angel: Yes. It was difficult but I fought for it. Here, I am.

About The Transcend: And the recording? How was it?

Cyrille The Angel: The difficult part was writing the lyrics of the song. It is a new sound and wave. It is really difficult to grasp it. Soon as I made the instrumental, I sat down listening to it for hours. Then, as I was recording, I was also writing. So the writing phase and the recording are intertwined.

About The Transcend: How intertwined are they?

Cyrille The Angel: Well, before recording a verse, I will write it. And it was like that during the whole song. I stopped at the last Verse. It was so difficult to me to record it.

About The Transcend: How difficult was it?

Cyrille The Angel: When I recorded all the verses, I sat down to tackle the last verse that take more than 2 minutes. I tried that day and I found out that I was exhausted and emotionally dry. I tried but I couldn’t reach that level that is on the song. The next day, fully rested, I went for it and after three attempts, I made it.

About The Transcend: Are all your recording sessions always emotionally inclined like that?

Cyrille The Angel: Well, it depends of the song I am making. This song was to be emotionally inclined and I had to reach that. It’s all I did.

About The Transcend: I see.

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