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The Review: Nzila Mule, Episode 21

Playing on the background Cyrille The Angel – Original (I’ve Dunked on Y’All)

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About The Transcend: What did you try to express on your Song Original (I’ve Dunked on Y’All)?

Cyrille The Angel: I have created a New Musical Genre by myself and it is just a year that I did it. This is when I wrote and made the song. I am going after my haters and telling them this is what I did. And what I did is like a Dunk on the Opposing team. I made it.

About The Transcend: I see. The song is again so melodious…

Cyrille The Angel: Yes. It is and I made it that way. It is a song that I have enjoyed making…

About The Transcend: How was it making it?

Cyrille The Angel: I had in one of my Dream a tune. I recorded that tune and I made the instrumental to accompany that Tune. This is the Instrumental you have right now. It is me trying to accompany that Tune. The aim was to perform that Tune. Then, I tried but the Tune is Nigerian and I don’t have a Nigerian Soul. So, I decided to Rap during the whole song. And this is what happened actually. I made it this way.

About The Transcend: I see. What do you love the most on this song?

Cyrille The Angel: I love everything on this song. It is an incredible song and I made it this way so that people could enjoy it. I love everything on this song.

About The Transcend: The Pattern of the song is so intricate…

Cyrille The Angel: Yes. It is so intricate because I wanted to express My Authenticity. And this is what I did during the whole song. And it is perfectly done.

About The Transcend: I see. Speaking about your Haters, what happened? Because lot of people don’t know your story.

Cyrille The Angel: Well, it doesn’t really matter. Haters are everywhere. What is not everywhere is Love and we should spread Love everywhere. This is what matters the most.

About The Transcend: I see. The song seems like a Journey going in Crescendo. I mean it keeps on getting momentum. Did you reach that level on This Song?

Cyrille The Angel: Yes. I did. It is an incredible moment and I love the end of the song. It is really incredible. I reached that momentum.

About The Transcend: Why do you think that we should be Original? Why?

Cyrille The Angel: Because this is Life and you shouldn’t betray your Soul. It is important to live with Your Soul in You. To Be One with Your Soul… this is the most important. It is really important to be Yourself.

About The Transcend: I see.

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