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The Review: Nzila Mule, Episode 19

Playing on the background Cyrille The Angel – Everyday…

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About The Transcend: In the same style of your song When The Song Is Over but in a bit different way…

Cyrille The Angel: Yes. You can put it that way. But this one is very funny and I really love it like this. Incredible sound and I am really happy to have made it.

About The Transcend: What did you try to express on this Song?

Cyrille The Angel: Look, I used to party everyday and it was crazy… lol. It was crazy. And this song tells about that episode of my life. Contrarily to my song When The Song Is Over, this catches the whole Life we had back then and it is just incredible.

About The Transcend: I see. What do you love the most on this song?

Cyrille The Angel: The way I made it. It is really funny and really enjoying. I love what I did on it and it is one of my best song so far.

About The Transcend: How was it when you were making it?

Cyrille The Angel: It was a bit difficult as it was new to Me. I had to sit on it and work on it late night. I still remember working on it and I didn’t know if the idea will work actually. When I finished it, it was perfect to Me. It is a Great Song so far.

About The Transcend: I see. Do you think we can party everyday and live a Lifestyle like you did that time?

Cyrille The Angel: Well, it is possible if you are really rich and have real people working for you. But to me, when I was living it at that time, I knew that I will move on to something else. So, It was something that I was doing so that I could move on to something else later on. This is why I’ve lived like that in The Past. I had my Ambitions and I didn’t want to be distracted later on in my Life.

About The Transcend: I see. Do you still party like that?

Cyrille The Angel: Lol. Well, when I can, I party. And I party hard when I can. This is my motto. Party hard when you can. This is how I do things. But these days, I am more mature and work on myself to make it everyday in my life. I have moved on from that crazy lifestyle…

About The Transcend: I see. The song is so new and original.

Cyrille The Angel: Yes. This is how I am. I always fight for it and this is what I love the most. This is what I always try to achieve. And creation always asks for that.

About The Transcend: I see.

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