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The Review: Nzila Mule, Episode 17

Playing on the background Cyrille The Angel – Roses and Thorns

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About The Transcend: We discuss about This song before and you told us what you think about it. The Article was published here on but tell me, what did try to tell the People?

Cyrille The Angel: Nothing is easy. Nothing is easy. You gotta fight for what you want and give your best. I’ve taken it easily. I fought for what I believed and this is why I am here doing the best with what I got. I believe that it is an incredible song and I just love it.

About The Transcend: I see. Of course, Roses comes with Thorns. But is there any personal experience on this song?

Cyrille The Angel: It is the life I have lived around here. It wasn’t easy but I’ve always made sure to be on top of the problem. And this is what I did.

About The Transcend: I see. How did you come to make the song Roses and Thorns?

Cyrille The Angel: My cousin DJ Kabs came to visit me and he made the beat to show me a bit about Beat making. And it’s there that I will know about some new kicks and stuffs. After he will just try to make a beat and he will give it the backbone. I pursued it and added the Saxophones. This is how the instrumental came.

About The Transcend: Incredible song. What do you believe in when you made the song?

Cyrille The Angel: I believed that you gotta fight hard and be on it like it is supposed to. You gotta fight hard in life. And this is what I believe at that time.

About The Transcend: Do you still believe in it?

Cyrille The Angel: Yes. I still do believe in it but, you need a bit of Patience. And this is the message.

About The Transcend: I see. What was the best part when recording the song?

Cyrille The Angel: Writing the lyrics of the song was the most gratifying to me. I had to feel it and to remember stuffs. I had to create lot of images. I have already decided to rap during the whole song and at the time it was released, people told me that it is lot of words for a song. But I knew what I was expressing. There is lot of words play in the song and I love it. It is an incredible song. This was my best part. Performing it was challenging and I fought to have it at this level. Thanks God that we made it to this level

About The Transcend: Is it always a challenge to perform it to this level?

Cyrille The Angel: Yes. Always… it is always so. And I fought for it. I fought hard for it.

About The Transcend: I see.

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