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The Review: Nzila Mule, Episode 9

Playing on the background Cyrille The Angel – I’m in Love Wit U

Buy or Stream The Song I’m in Love Wit U here:

About The Transcend: I’m in Love Wit U? Who are you in Love with?

Cyrille The Angel: Well, I am talking about the Woman of My Dreams who appeared to Me many times in My life. She appeared in My Dreams. She is Nut, The Ancient Egypt Goddess of the Sky. And I am definitely honored that She rides with Me. I am in love with Her and I am telling Her to look to how far we’ve been so far.

About The Transcend: Your Voice is Splendid.

Cyrille The Angel: Yes. Of course… The Voice is Splendid because I am talking to the Most beautiful Woman. I’ve never seen such Beauty ever and it brought Me to write this Song very original and very Transcend.

About The Transcend: Of course… we love The Love between You and Nut. But how can you explain the Bond?

Cyrille The Angel: Well, if you follow me on Instagram, you will know about This Love and it is very deep. It is all I can say about The Bond between Me and My Elvish Wife Nut. It is how I call Her and it is very important you understand that because She is a Part of Me and I just can’t help it. There is no way you can separate Me from Her. We are One and it is how deep Our Love is.

About The Transcend: You released this song for the World Cup in Russia in 2018. Do you think that this Song should have been featured in The World Cup in Russia?

Cyrille The Angel: That was asking too much. I was a very little Musician still trying to make My Name out there and it is not easy. We are still on the Road to it. But maybe we can try the Next African Cup of Nations and The Euro Coming and we will see if it can make it to the World Cup in Qatar and everybody are waiting for it. I would love to visit Qatar one day and probably soon, we will make the trip. But, it was good to help The Russian People to celebrate The World Cup. It was an incredible World Cup and I have loved what I’ve seen.

About The Transcend: Of course but how can you make a Love Song and dedicate it to The World of Football or Sport which is an extreme Competitive Environment? Is there no contradiction?

Cyrille The Angel: You need Love in Competitions. Love sometimes is the Heart of a Battle. Love is A Battle. Look, try a Beautiful Brunette and try to get her around. She will resist. And nothing comes easy. How much you want her can change the whole situation although you must always expect some luck because those ladies… you never know what they want.

About The Transcend: Lol.

Cyrille The Angel: Ladies are complicated beings and you gotta respect that. It’s part of who they are because they carry a Body with lot of power and attention. So you have to understand that and learn how to fight for that. When you love in this World, there will be Battles and you have to take them on. This is why this song is intertwined with Sports.

About The Transcend: I see. What would you say to people who will listen to your Song I’m in Love Wit U for the first Time?

Cyrille The Angel: I envy you. It’s a chance I didn’t get. I made it so but, to me I discover it every time I play it. When you listen to it, remember, This Is Transcend, The New Musical Genre that I have created.

About The Transcend: I see.

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