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The Review: Nzila Mule, Episode 10

Playing on the Background Cyrille The Angel – Lady Helene

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About The Transcend: The infamous Lady Helene… Who is the one you called “Lady Helene”?

Cyrille The Angel: She is a character that I have invented and I started talking about her on this song. A very bad girl and she did lot of shameful things in her past. It gave her that reputation.

About The Transcend: Of course there might be a book where you speak about it all but, tell me, how was it when writing the song Lady Helene?

Cyrille The Angel: Lol. It was great. I asked my brother Kascott LK to produce the instrumental of the song Lady Helene. He was like yes, bro. Imma do it. Then, he gave me this instrumental. I wanted it Jazz and he did it. The first time he failed to produce what I wanted and the second time, he did it. I was so happy and I went on to write the song. Look, I couldn’t find the words… till I had that idea:”Oh! Lady Helene… She is a Bad Girl…”. And that’s how the song starts.

About The Transcend: Lol. Indeed… That’s how the song starts. And the instrumental is a Classic Jazz.

Cyrille The Angel: Yes. It is how I wanted it to be. And my brother Kascott LK that I am greeting now did a very superb job.

About The Transcend: What do you love the most on this Song?

Cyrille The Angel: Definitely the Trumpets… he did it. It’s how I wanted it to sound and my Brother just killed it.

About The Transcend: I see. I love to hear stuffs like that. The Story is funny and I would like people to go and check out the song and the story. It is Story telling. It seems the more and more time passes by, you are progressing into Story telling? Why?

Cyrille The Angel: On this Album, I had to keep a light note because at some point, it was becoming too heavy. So, I went for it and made it to this point. I love to have lot of flavors in the Album and I don’t want to see my audiences bored. So, I included this song into this Album.

About The Transcend: Why talking about a fictive character in an Album talking about You?

Cyrille The Angel: Because I believe in Imagination. I believe in the Power of Imagination and that has always been Me.

About The Transcend: I see. But sometime, why couldn’t you have done a song where you explain directly what is Imagination to you?

Cyrille The Angel: It’s important to keep a light note in Music. To be lighter than heavier because lot of people who come to listen to us want to have a good time or an experience where they can relate. And this is what I am trying to give.

About The Transcend: On this Album, it is among the songs produced by a person other than you. I am in love with this song because the story is well told. Can we have more songs like this?

Cyrille The Angel: My 5th Album Afro Belle is a story telling Album where I tell about a story that I made up. And it is pretty much where we are going.

About The Transcend: I see.

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