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The Review: Nzila Mule, Episode 3

Playing on the background Cyrille The Angel – Wricks Wracks

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About The Transcend: One of the most fun songs on this Album. Why did you make a song so fun like this?

Cyrille The Angel: Because I wanted to celebrate Life and to me, it was the right moment. I mean I felt it and I went for it. It’s a very special song to me and I love what I did on it.

About The Transcend: Indeed, you scream on the song… why?

Cyrille The Angel: I felt it. The Instrumental asked it and I went for it. It’s how I felt the whole song.

About The Transcend: Of course… but why naming a song Wricks Wracks? I checked in the English dictionary and there are no such words. Why?

Cyrille The Angel: I am just reproducing the sound the DJ makes when he scratches the Disk and do his fantasies. And to me, it sounds like Wricks Wracks. That’s how I called the sound coming from the DJ scratching the Disk.

About The Transcend: Lol. It seems like you love DJs…

Cyrille The Angel: If you love music, you will love DJs. Most importantly if you love contemporary Music, you will love DJs. And there is no Great Party without great DJs. The only problem with DJs is they have become very expensive these days.

About The Transcend: Of course, you had problems with DJs when you started your musical career and it is still on. What are you trying to tell people with your track: Wricks Wracks? What are trying to tell them?

Cyrille The Angel: There is no lesson from the song. It is not like my song Memory where there are lot of lessons and lot of teachings. No. Here, I am just telling a story and the story is about me and my girl and the many things we are going through. It is always a challenge to live with a girl.

About The Transcend: Don’t make it too hard.

Cyrille The Angel: Lol.

About The Transcend: It is also fun and I have loved the Fun coming out of the song. The Instrumental has an heavy Blues and you bring that Fun to The Track among so much Blues. What a Contrast!

Cyrille The Angel: Yes. And that’s also the particularity with the Musical Genre Transcend. I love having fun and I had lot of fun… And I always make sure that my life be fun.

About The Transcend: I see. How was it when you recorded the Song?

Cyrille The Angel: It was challenging. To me, it is a new song and it is quite innovative. I didn’t intend to make a song like this on the Album, then, when I made it, it took me two or three days before writing it and then, I performed on it. It is an incredible song and I really love it.

About The Transcend: I see. The rap is phenomenal… did you intend it to be like this?

Cyrille The Angel: I love what I did and as I told you before, it was really challenging. I had to rise above the challenge and it gives you the song. I just love it. It is an incredible song.

About The Transcend: I see. What would you say to people who read us right now?

Cyrille The Angel: Enjoy the song and let it penetrate you. It is a very fun song. And it is among my best song. The Rap is on another level.

About The Transcend: The song is made of two bass guitars and drums. It reminds us of the new trend you have now. The song is a precursor of the new style you are doing right now.

Cyrille The Angel: Yes, of course… It is. I always say that my following Album There’s a religion or Da Concerto is just a prolongation of My Album Nzila Mule. And this is the proof.

About The Transcend: I see. Thank you.

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