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The Review: Nzila Mule, Episode 2

Playing on the Background Cyrille The Angel – Memory Prelude I

Followed by Cyrille The Angel – Memory Prelude II

Ended by Cyrille The Angel – Memory

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About The Transcend: Good Day everybody. Today, we will talk about the Quartet on the Album Nzila Mule by Cyrille The Angel.

The Angel, the song is really peculiar and it has that far-reaching sense. Why?

Cyrille The Angel: Because I talk about a subject really important: Memory. Memory is a process or a train of thought and we always take it for granted. To have a Memory is so important that we forget that it is there and helping us to grow.

About The Transcend: Indeed, a better computer is one that can save lot of information and can work fast on it.

Cyrille The Angel: Yes. It is the same as individuals. We need good memory to work and walk in this life. And this is what Memory is. In the song, I am pretty much trying to talk about the different aspects of memory.

About The Transcend: Why did you choose Memory as a subject to talk about in a Song?

Cyrille The Angel: It felt good to talk about Memory. But I did it because I felt like my Contemporaries tend to forget the Old too quickly. It is a rule of the Time unfortunately and we have to live by it. But I made that effort to remind people that we need to remember the Past.

About The Transcend: But do you agree that sometime it is best to forget about the Past and take on the Future?

Cyrille The Angel: I’m not 100% OK with that and I always tell myself that it is better to be whole than coming in small parts.

About The Transcend: But there are Pains we can’t take anymore and its better we forget sometimes?

Cyrille The Angel: Yes. But I think that it is better to be whole. I always fight for The Wholeness than being in small parts.

About The Transcend: I see. How was the song made and recorded?

Cyrille The Angel: I had a good idea in one afternoon and I decided to work on the idea. I went on and worked on it and it gives Memory Prelude I, Memory Prelude II and Memory.

About The Transcend: Lol. Why did you make it that way? I mean why did you release the those preludes to your Song Memory?

Cyrille The Angel: Because I believe that My Song Memory is among my Masterpieces. It is not The Perfect Transcend as you always believed it to be so.

About The Transcend: Lol.

Cyrille The Angel: But It is My Best Song and I’ve always believed in it. It is A Masterpiece and I love it. To me, I felt like people who will listen to The Song Memory needed to get used to the Sound before they get into it. And this is what I thought. And I put myself into the shoes of a listener and I felt like I needed to do it.

About The Transcend: I see. I believe that it is your Best Song in your entire Musical Catalogue. And to me, it should have been the Single of The Album: Nzila Mule.

Cyrille The Angel: Right Now, It is The Single of The Album Nzila Mule and we will try to make it gain more popularity than never before.

About The Transcend: I see. We will end here… and lol. The Screaming at the end of the song…. Why?

Cyrille The Angel: I’ve felt it. I’ve felt it. And it is the best I could do. The Screaming is an integral part of Me and what I have always been… it is how I felt it.

About The Transcend: Let’s end it here. What is your last word to the people who will read this review?

Cyrille The Angel: Check it out for yourself and make sure this sound impregnates you. Make sure you see all the aspect of the song. You will get what I’m saying. You will get it.

About The Transcend: Of Course…. People, get it on the Link Up there.

See you tomorrow for a review of another song.

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By About The Transcend,

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