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Le Grand Carre: Episode 1

In The Picture, The Musical Artist: Cyrille The Angel, The Founder and The King of The Musical Genre Transcend

About The Transcend: Good Day Everybody. There’s a New Show and you’ll find us every Monday to talk about the Different events happening on Transcend. I am here with The King of Transcend: Cyrille The Angel. How are you?

Cyrille The Angel: I am quite fine and you?

About The Transcend: I am really good. How do you take The LockDown?

Cyrille The Angel: I am quite OK wit it save that I can’t see My Chicks (girlfriends… sorry for the inconvenience) anymore. Its LockDown and they are very sad over my phone.

About The Transcend: Lol. You are still keeping those girls company?

Cyrille The Angel: Well, we are Friends and sometimes it goes further than friendships. Its not about keeping company but its about keeping good friends. But in the overall, this LockDown works for us as Our Business is principally Online. Majority of our Incomes comes Online as the World Outside has kept on closing doors on us. So, nothing has changed for me. I am just keeping on doing the same thing. I just commiserate with my fellow artists who are so used to “Live Action”. It’s difficult but it’s necessary in life to do not judge others.

About The Transcend: I see. So, on Saturday the 28th March of 2020, The Musical Genre Transcend celebrated the memory of the late Pepe Kalle and L’Empire Bakuba by inducting them into The Highest Rank of Transcend: Shining Stars of Transcend. Pepe Kalle is A Congolese Legend Musician from Congo, DR in Africa. You can find more information about him on Google.

All of it happened in your Instagram Page: cyrilletheangel. And during the Instagram recreation of the Vibe you know of Pepe Kalle and L’Empire Bakuba, one figure came out strongly: Awilo Longomba. It seems you have fond memory. Who was Awilo to you?

Cyrille The Angel: I’d like to thank everybody who has shown love to my Posts of saturday on My Instagram page by liking or even just reading it. Well, you know when Pepe Kalle died in the end of 90s, we were all shocked and left alone. And I remember that conversation with my cousin about if the Band “L’Empire Bakuba” will survive it. My bet was that they won’t survive it but there was hope in Awilo Longomba.

About The Transcend: For those who don’t know Awilo Longomba, he is a Congolese Legend Musician. Just Search informations about him on Google.

Cyrille The Angel: Yes. Unless Awilo Longomba become the new face of L’Empire Bakuba, they won’t survive. And It didn’t happen actually. And I was very disappointed that l’Empire Bakuba died. But something else happened. And it’s Awilo Longomba coming out with strength… his song Carolina was what you call 100% Ambiance. He stayed the same, Always energetic… very energetic. And I am very glad that he made it because the movement Empire Bakuba couldn’t die… it can’t. But I still say it: He needs to explains to Us, Fans of the All Movement why he left and why he went on to do it Alone and how was it when Pepe Kalle died. We will need it. He can write a Book. He got millions of fans like me who has been left alone. He should do it.

About The Transcend: Did the Musical Scene and Industry of your country Congo, DR in Africa lose a lot with the disappearance of “L’Empire Bakuba”?

Cyrille The Angel: I think yes and my thanks to Innoss B as his song Yo Pe made me remember the Old Time of feu Pepe Kalle et L’Empire Bakuba. They were very special and I have always loved that.

About The Transcend: Then, can we expect a collaboration between You and Awilo Longomba? Can we?

Cyrille The Angel: I will work on it. I can’t promise anything now but he is the next step for me. I will work on it and try to make a deal with him so that I can have him in one of my song.

About The Transcend: I see. Well, Thank You very much Cyrille The Angel. And people, every Monday, find the New Show:”Le Grand Carre” here on the Blog. You can follow the Blog. I will talk with Transcend Artists about the Trend, News and how they feel.


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