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The Gift of Music by Cyrille The Angel & Saxayah: Saxayah, An Interview

You can travel the entire world and find many colors, music, tongues and languages. You can travel the world to just connect to something different than what you are used to. We all travel for a reason. But why do we listen to a Musical Album as we know it is a bit similar to travelling? Why do we take time to listen to a special voice? Some say because of the melody created by the voice, the tone and tempo. Some will neglect it as pure hallucination. Either it be hallucination or a beautiful melody, an Album called The Gift of Music was released on by Cyrille The Angel & Saxayah. They are The two prominent figure of the Musical Genre Transcend and they are pushing the Musical Boundary to another Level. It’s an Album that emphasizes the Difference of Style between Cyrille The Angel and Saxayah.

Today, I sat with Saxayah and tried to talk with her about her contribution on Their Second Collaborative Album: The Gift of Music. You can find the First Album by Cyrille The Angel & Saxayah on ITunes, Apple Music, Spotify and other digital stores. It is titled Love.

Here is The Interview with Saxayah

About The Transcend: Good Day Saxayah! How are you?

Saxayah: Good Day! I’m great and you?

About The Transcend: I’m good. Well, in August you released a Single titled Bala Nga in YouTube. And now, a second collaborative Album with Cyrille The Angel hit the market. It is titled The Gift of Music and was released on It will be released soon on other major digital platforms. But before we start talking about it, can you tell the people who is Saxayah?

Saxayah: Saxayah… She is a Solo Musical Artist living in UK with many more dreams to accomplish in life and still collaborate with Cyrille The Angel.

About The Transcend: When did you start recording in Studio and start pushing toward your Musical Career and how did it start? If you can tell it to us briefly.

Saxayah: I started recording between 2009-2010 and I always push myself in my musical career but good things are to become really soon.

About The Transcend: I see. If Music had a Colour, which one will you choose to represent Music?

Saxayah: Rainbow.

About The Transcend: Oh! Ok. That’s the surprise… It’s a good answer. Ain’t going deep on it.

Saxayah: All right.

About The Transcend: You made an incredible Record and it’s a song that I love. It is called Bala Nga.

Playing on the Background now Saxayah – Bala Nga (Buy It Now on It is included in the Album The Gift of Music)

 But how was your Single Bala Nga made? Can we have the Behind the scene story?

Saxayah: Ok. Let’s talk about Bala Nga. Bala Nga is a song that I wrote due to many women complaining that the man just spends more years with them without proposing, that’s how Bala Nga is made and it means Epouse Moi in French. In English, it means Marry Me.

About The Transcend: I see. And the song is all in Lingala? Isn’t it?

Saxayah: Lingala and French.

About The Transcend: That’s good. Lingala is a language spoken in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Was it difficult for you to record it? I mean did you have some obstacles?

Saxayah: Not really. It took Me an hour to record it. Less than an hour, I mean, to record.

About The Transcend: I see. On This Upcoming Album with Cyrille The Angel: The Gift of Music, the Talk might be around your song Pour Lui. It is a song that touches the Rumba Community. How would you rate it in Your Musical Catalog you have for now?

Saxayah: I’m really going into style that I really love. Rumba is like an origin Song from my Country. Pour Lui will be in my Solo Album.

About The Transcend: Yes. But in Your Musical Catalog… Let’s say your Top 10 songs you made. How would you rate the song in your Top 10 songs You made?

Saxayah: I will give my song a 10 out of 10 which is Bala Nga. Soon, I’m doing a Video Clip as I have a Manager and Producer. I’m working with Didier Dickens. Big Up for everything you do.

About The Transcend: This is Really Good. To who would you dedicate The Collaborative Album The Gift of Music with Cyrille The Angel  because it’s also your Album?

Saxayah: What do you mean by dedicate? Always to Our Fans. I will dedicate it to Our Fans. I haven’t done my Solo Album yet but I will do first a Maxi Single which will have 3 songs on it.

About The Transcend: So, It’s dedicated to Your Fans. I see. No worry, you already have a Catalog. Love and The Gift of Music are among the Best Albums on The Musical Genre Transcend.

People, Find Love by Cyrille The Angel & Saxayah on ITunes, Apple Music, Spotify and other Digital Stores and Find, for now at least, The Album The Gift of Music on

Well, Thank you, Saxayah and Courage in your New Venture.

Saxayah: Thanks. It was a Pleasure.

It’s always a pleasure to talk to a Great Voice like her and she is making herself ready to rock The World. If I am you now and reading this Interview, I write her name somewhere because when she blows, she just blows.


By About The Transcend,

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