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The Gift of Music by Cyrille The Angel & Saxayah: An Interview with Cyrille The Angel

In the picture, The Album cover. Designed by Herve Amisi

Well, after 2 years since the first Collaborative Album between Cyrille The Angel and Saxayah, They come together this year to deliver a very good Album. Contrarily to the first Album that was celebrating the Most excellent emotion on Earth: Love, This one will celebrate Music. A week ago, The King of The Musical Genre Transcend: Cyrille The Angel offered me an interview where I challenged him on how he sees the Album and what he expects from it. Here is the interview:

The Interview with Cyrille The Angel

About The Transcend: Good Day, The Angel. How are you?

Cyrille The Angel: I am fine and you.

About The Transcend: Great. The Album is coming soon and you are working hard toward it. How do you see the Album in the overall?

Cyrille The Angel: Good and Special. Saxayah pulled up two really good songs and she is also working hard on her part. She is a perfectionist too. The Album is a first one in the new direction we are taking. And it’s really a challenge.

About The Transcend: What do you expect from this Album?

Cyrille The Angel: First, let’s work hard and let’s have it out. But, I’m trying to have the Best Quality I could muster on it. Then, we will see how things go. What I expect from this Album, it’s a new approach to Music and we had to make some changes too. It’s a really good Album.

About The Transcend: Do you think it can achieve great sales?

Cyrille The Angel: I do not expect great sales as we have limits and the business is in bad faith toward Transcend. There’s no fairness in this music industry as we know they are always favourising (giving favours to) who has more money these days. So, I do not expect great sales. But, it gonna be one of the best Albums on the musical genre Transcend. And we will gain also more visibility.

About The Transcend: I see. I listened to the Outro and I laughed a lot… why making it as such?

Cyrille The Angel: Because we have dope songs on the Album and I’m so happy working on it.

About The Transcend: I see. Music is a matter that can only be perceived by our ears. It is in the category of matters called sounds. Contrarily to other sounds like talking, crying, beating, Music is an orderly pattern of sounds creating one sound at one particular moment or time. But today, Music is the most demeaned profession. Why?

Cyrille The Angel: Because today, you have politics who want to give a message to the people, you have some religious who understand nothing of what they doing, you have the people who take everything for granted and you have all the disorder coming in between. This creates a total disorder.

About The Transcend: You don’t understand my question. Why can’t we see the Importance of Music?

Cyrille The Angel: I think there is a real spiritual disorder in the world right now. I cannot understand why people don’t see Music as important but I believe that Music has become so attached to a Culture or a Group of People that it became granted. It’s because of that fact that we can’t really see the Musician himself. We can’t see The Man or The Woman because we, as a Community,  will always try to destroy particularities. It’s because of that fact that Music became less valued. This is why my Transcending (Cyrille The Angel’s way of singing) is so important. It wouldn’t have survived but Yahweh, Our Father Almighty has favored and now, we have Albums in the Market.

About The Transcend: I see. And tell me, when was the first time you heard Music? Can your memory goes that far back?

Cyrille The Angel: Lol. I can’t remember. My first souvenir of sound that I remember was a Catholic Nun telling me that God was up there in the sky and the bad was underneath. And I asked her if the bad was living in the kind of big hole ants made.

About The Transcend: Lol. That’s funny… what did the Nun say?

Cyrille The Angel: Of course no. Not there… I don’t remember the rest of the story. I was listening to Music. We have cassettes where I’m dancing on Michael Jackson songs, MC Hammer… I probably knew what Music was. But my first experience of Music is at Kabinda, the capital of the Songe Tribe in Congo, DR, Africa. They are living in the Kasai region with the dominant Luba tribe. That’s where I had my first experience of mundane Music because I used to go to Church. I was baptized when I was three and we were living at that time in Lubumbashi before The African Problem (Tribalism and its Variances) started in the early 90s.

About The Transcend: How was the whole Music experience?

Cyrille The Angel: My Uncle will take late night his guitar and play tunes and we will dance on it. Later, we became like a band and villagers will come to see us perform… they found us special. Then, we went to play at the House of the Boss of the Town. He had a very big House. We played and The Boss loved it. He was trying to help his region emerge and he invested his money on producing goods. He was from Kabinda and it’s rare to see such gesture in Congo, Dr… Really Rare.

After we talked, we shook hands and we sipped some tea. Music is about all of the things we talked and you can add more to the subject.

The Album The Gift of Music by Cyrille The Angel & Saxayah is set to come out soon. So, Stay tuned on

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