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Transcend & Fashion, An Interview

What is Fashion? Some will answer to me that it is Trend, Some will recite the plethora of renowned brands they know, some might say that it is how you wear the garments that cover your body and some might laugh at the simple question and still think that the question is stupid when they don’t really know what Fashion is. I asked a girl once about it? And she answered:”C’est Glamour.”

Whatever your definition of Fashion, I had to make my friend Cyrille The Angel, The King of the Musical Genre Transcend sit down and talk about the relationship the musical genre Transcend and The Busy and complex world of Fashion will have in the Future.

The Interview

About The Friend: My friend The Angel, how are you?

Cyrille The Angel: I’m good and you?

About The Transcend: Quite great. We have an explosive subject today… And the title of this Interview is Transcend & Fashion. Can you tell people what Transcend is and what Fashion is?

Cyrille The Angel: Well, thank you for the question. It’s a really good question you asked. Transcend is an English word and it means going beyond the limit. It’s also in French as I speak French first. It’s a word people use a lot in Music. But here, it’s a Musical Genre. I created this Musical Genre in 2017 when people couldn’t understand my Music and we ended up beefing with The New York Music Mainstream. At that time, I wanted one of my song playing on a FM in New York as there was a Need of Memory. And I stepped Up to that Need. Unfortunately, Jealousy, envy and unprofessionalism from New York Mainstream led us To Depart in the Harsh Way. It’s in that Context that I created The Musical Genre Transcend as My Music always gives that Effect. I created it on the 17th February 2017. And it stands for Love, Wisdom, The Self, The Knowledge of The Self and Motivations. I created it so that young men and women can encourage other people to go Beyond their limits.

To me, Fashion is how well you dress…  How well you mix the colour on a Dress and shoes. Fashion is also the Fabric. I will say: “C’est le tissue.” My mother is a Dressmaker and I grew up with Fashion although I’ve never pursued a career in Fashion. But that always comes back to me. That’s how I see Fashion.

About The Transcend: Let’s now end this Discussion about what Fashion is… Cause I heard Definitions….

Cyrille The Angel: Lol.

About The Transcend: I am googling it right now and here is what Fashion is…. There are a lot of definitions but I will take the one from Wikipedia. The Source is more viable. Here it is: “Fashion is a popular aesthetic expression in a certain time and context, especially in clothing, footwear, lifestyle, accessories, makeup, hairstyle and body proportions”. From Wikipedia. What do you think about the definition?

Cyrille The Angel: Its more comprehensive….

About The Transcend: Admit that you didn’t get it… lol.

Cyrille The Angel: Lol. I got a part of it. Lol. But not the all of it… lol.

About The Transcend: We know now what Fashion is and you gave us the definition of the Musical Genre Transcend. We know also that Fashion always brings something new in Life and tries also to push Boundaries like The Musical Genre Transcend does. Tell me, is The Musical Genre Transcend Fashion?

Cyrille The Angel: Maybe Transcend gonna be Fashion Tomorrow…. Lol.

About The Transcend: Lol.

Cyrille The Angel: No. Transcend (The Musical Genre) is not Fashion. It’s not Fashion. Fashion expresses itself in some point of time and then, it changes to I don’t know what Trend. Transcend is a Stance of Music. It’s a way of doing Music. And Music is so Vast. But surely, Fashion had an influence on Me and the Music I created.

About The Transcend: Ho… I see. What kind of Influence Fashion had on you?

Cyrille The Angel: I’ve always been a man in The Trend. I was always interested in The Fashion World. You gotta dress well to get that Beautiful girl around your Game. Lot of players got always their Fashion Style at the Top Level. But when I was young, I used to just watch Catalogs of Dresses (Men and Women). My mom is deep into it. She makes Dresses. So, it’s normal for me to be influenced by it.

About The Transcend: What kind of relationship you want Transcend (The Musical Genre) to have with The Fashion World?

Cyrille The Angel: Cooperation… I know The Power of Fashion and of a Life with Extreme Elegance. It’s a powerful lifestyle and you gotta be Bold to live it. And Transcend is about The Bold. It is about The Dreamer. It is about the One who tries to make it happen. I wish a very deep conversation and good collaboration between Transcend and the Fashion World.

About The Transcend: You were UpTown lately and you went to visit some shops of renowned Brands in The Fashion World. You told it on your Instagram Page: cyrilletheangel. But, Can we have your account here?

Cyrille The Angel: Well, what can I say? We went to chill Uptown and we went to the Mall. My friend asked me to go and do the window shopping. I love window shopping because you gotta challenge yourself. And seeing good things help to get that drive. So, we started window shopping and we went to Breitling shop, Louis Vuitton shop, Versace shop, Gucci shop and Gucci was lavish as always… but they had good products, then what caught my attention was Dolce & Gabbana shop. I even gave an A+++ to Dolce & Gabbana on my instagram account. The Shop and the Items on the shop were Outstanding. I saw what I wanted to see. It was good and I needed that for myself. I needed that.

Then, I had a Discussion with myself about what should really be Fashion. But, you know Trend is something else…  lol.

About The Transcend: Lol. I see. But what do you think Fashion should be?

Cyrille The Angel: I wont say it here. But I just wish for a Great Cooperation between Transcend & Fashion. I hope we will have it in The Future.

About The Transcend: Thank you.

Cyrille The Angel: Thank you.

This little discussion with Cyrille The Angel on Transcend & Fashion reminded me the need of a proper approach on subject that sometime we think Granted. Although cautious on the subject, I could see a deep love seeping through his eyes when talking about Fashion.

Well, Transcend & Fashion… Let’s see what happen in the near Future.


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