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From A Casual Picture Taken During A Chill in South Africa, Africa to A Single Cover Art in Digital Stores. Return to What Has Become An Iconic Transcend Story

Interview with Cyrille The Angel

About The Transcend: Well, The Angel, we can’t stop talking about the New Single Palmares and I’d like to know what were you thinking when composing and recording the song?

Cyrille The Angel: I was thinking about how well we did so far… I’m in 2017 when the song is written and performed and I looked at how far Me and Jessica, My Elvish Wife have come… It’s incredible. At that time, I moved away from New York, USA to stay in Miami, FL, USA. And at that time, my song Distant Records was playing on Da Blaze 88 FM Miami. It’s our first FM so far.

About The Transcend: And you stopped doing FM… why?

Cyrille The Angel: I’ve preferred to grow organically… It is the Best Thing I could do. But next year, we will be trying having good radios to play our songs.

About The Transcend: And Palmares is The Song… Believe Me, it is.

(Playing now on the background Cyrille The Angel – Palmares. Available on Apple Music, Itunes and Spotify)

Cyrille The Angel: Lol. Well, Radio promoters had pointed to Me that my song Lay It on Me was the one. But we will see how things go.

About The Transcend: I see. Return to our subject… How come a picture taken on a Casual Chill in South Africa, Africa became The Cover Art of your Single? (The Picture are in the beginning of this article. You can see the differences.)

Cyrille The Angel: Well, let’s say that I love The Picture and I think it is among the Best Picture people took of Me. I gotta pinpoint that it’s not a selfie. It’s a normal picture and it’s not the first time I did such a thing. My Single I’ve always Lived For The Moment (Also available on Apple Music, Itunes, Spotify and others) is the first to have this approach on the Cover. I just wanted more Visibility.

About The Transcend: And visibility you gained as we can see you clearly.

Cyrille The Angel: Of course…. Of course. It’s not being selfish to love Your Skin. It’s not selfish. What is selfish is to not care about other people.

About The Transcend: And talking about other people, the iconic place where you took the picture was also kind of affected by the Violences that targeted your kind… what’s your say?

Cyrille The Angel: I condemn those attacks and it has convinced me on the Need of United States of Africa. We need an Africa United. We should stay Strong and United against those Ignorant Acts.

About The Transcend: What shocked you during those Times of Trouble?

Cyrille The Angel: Well, what shocked me was the fact that I talked about everything two months ago and no one did relay my Message or give it more Exposure. No one did. Two months ago, I was celebrating Nigerian Beauty and trying to get them attain another level. I congratulated them for many things they did to Africa. No one did repost my messages and I’m not talking about Nigerians not reposting my messages. Me and Nigeria are in real cooperation. I’m talking about other people from other countries in Africa. I’ve been told that I was trying to become Nigerian forgetting that Nigeria is in Africa. And I’m African too. That really shocked me and told me of the Need for me to get more Exposure for Myself. This is why I am Alone doing everything Now.

About The Transcend: To all the people who are troubled and can’t figure out what’s happening. 2 months ago before september 2109, Cyrille The Angel wrote a lot about Nigeria on his Instagram page. 2 months later, South Africa will experience Xenophobic attacks targetting Nigerians mainly. His Instagram account is cyrilletheangel. You can find him there.

And us too, The Transcend Team have condemned those attacks. We are All Humans.

Cyrille The Angel: This is why Transcend was created. It is to celebrate This Diversity of Culture… This Plethora of Cultures… It’s really important to understand those Cultures and to be human to give an Helping hand to see it shine. On Transcend, even Chinese are welcomed.

About The Transcend: How was This Picture taken?

Cyrille The Angel: Lol. Well, I wanted to drink my Afternoon Beer. We are in April of this year (2019). I called my Bro and we went to this place. We sat there and I asked for my Big Glass of Beer. And then, we started taking pictures and I took a picture like this. Then, I turned my head to face the other way… Inspirational.

About The Transcend: And we can see the Ring… we love it.

Cyrille The Angel: Yup. It’s Man-Made and specifically tailored for me. I had to give to my Elvish Wife: Jessica The Best Gift I could afford. I love Her and It’s Important to show Deep Love to your Girl.

About The Transcend: She loves you too… people can live your story about You and Jessica, your Elvish Wife on your Book: Victory Addendum by Cyrille Kasongo, exclusively available on Amazon. Just search it on Amazon. Or, by reviewing your old Instagram posts.

This place in the picture will stay Iconic on Transcend…

Cyrille The Angel: Yup. That’s how we chill in Kinshasa, Congo, DR, Africa. This is why I had loved that Place. It reminded Me of Kinshasa, La Belle. We have lot of places like that. I grew up in one of those places and it was lot of fun… I miss Home sometime. I talked to a friend long ago about it. She lives in USA. And she was like Bro, No… you should stay strong. A great friend of mine…

About The Transcend: And we will end the Interview here. I have some questions. What do you want people to feel when they listen to your Single Palmares? What do you want them to feel?

Cyrille The Angel: I’ve been through a lot. But I didn’t stop walking or doing whatever I was doing. I want them to feel The Song, to wake up and go and do their own thing. I want them to do not despair but to keep on believing in what they can do better.

About The Transcend: The Song is the single of this Quarter. What do you expect from the single?

Cyrille The Angel: Well, that’s difficult to say. I cant really share my expectations. I just hope it will fall on the right ear and we will see what gonna happen.

About The Transcend: Thanks for your answers.

We ended the interview by shaking hands. Later when we discussed, Cyrille The Angel made me aware of his wishes of A Better Africa and an Africa United. For him, Africa should be One. He has great hope for his Single Palmares and we want you to take your time to search, find, Buy or stream the Single Palmares by Cyrille The Angel. The Single is Available on all the digital platforms. Apple Music, Itunes, Spotify and Deezer are some of them.

Thank you,

By About The Transcend,

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