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This Is Cyrille The Angel, A Spotify Playlist Curated by Spotify Itself

Find The Playlist This Is Cyrille The Angel here:

About The Transcend:  On the 14th July 2019, Spotify dropped The Playlist titled: This Is Cyrille The Angel. It contains Cyrille The Angel’s Songs only. This is A Good News. Spotify itself doing the work… I’m here today with the Star of The Playlist: Cyrille The Angel. What do you say?

Cyrille The Angel: My Big Thanks to Spotify… Sincerely,  I am so happy right now. I’m even boasting… lol. And it’s really well thought. I heard the playlist and it’s really well done. It’s a Nice Playlist of Me. It contained my Best Songs. If you wanna get an idea of Me, this is The Playlist you should listen to. I will make sure people listen to this Playlist. My Big Thanks to Spotify

About The Transcend: How do you feel?

Cyrille The Angel: I felt Great when you called to let me know that Spotify released A Playlist titled This Is Cyrille The Angel, a Playlist about Me. I was really moved by the gesture. Then, I said to myself:”they will put songs people will really want to hear…” I mean I will not see my song Va Piu Contano Dall’Oceano on it. Then I checked it and I saw The Song on it. Whoever did the Playlist has listened to Me. And that’s Great. Thank You. I saw My Song Anonymous which I believe is The Best Song in My Album Nzila Mule.

(Here, we press Play To: Cyrille The Angel – Anonymous. Available on the Playlist)

I’m happy to see this and my Thanks to Spotify for this Delicate Work.

About The Transcend: I see. Is there anything that caught your eye on this Playlist Curated  by Spotify itself? Let me precise It… Congratulations, man… I mean it’s not every day we see that

Cyrille The Angel: My Thanks go to Spotify for this Initiative. This is Innovative Marketing as I love to see. My Thanks go to them. Really…

Another thing that caught my eye is The Inclusion of My Single Hello Tshumo

About The Transcend: Lol

Cyrille The Angel: Lol. I didn’t expect it… I mean… lol. Music Critics said that it’s The Worst Song I could ever have done. And they wanted me to remake The Song. I received lot of Internal Critics. But the Only Thing is I Believed in the song. And I released it like that because I believed in it. Now, it’s among my Most Popular Songs and it’s even included in The Playlist This Is Cyrille The Angel Curated by Spotify… This is incredible. You gotta truly believe in Yourself. You gotta do it

About The Transcend: We had a Discussion about it and it’s in This Blog:  And, as I recall, during the interview, you came to that Decision. But I still think that it’s a Good thing that the song is on it.

Cyrille The Angel: Lol. Critics said many things but here it is… probably among my Best Songs. You gotta truly believe in yourself… You gotta do it

About The Transcend: Yup. And what do you say about the Inclusion of Your Song Our Joy?

Cyrille The Angel: I’m really surprised… and I really appreciate that. Really… Our Joy is My First Instrumental that I’ve produced myself. And I’ve never thought people will love it although Kascott LK gave it a really good review. I’m really happy to see it on The Playlist

About The Transcend: It does change the mood of The Playlist?

Cyrille The Angel: Yup. It does. It’s a Song with lot of Memories… and I just tried to Express That Joy contained in The Dream I had 6 years ago.

About The Transcend:  Yes. Of course…. How would you have it exposed to People? How?

Cyrille The Angel: I will be Smart with this One. But Thanks to Spotify to Curate Such a Playlist. It’s All about me. And it’s a fair selection of songs I’ve composed and performed. Lot of people don’t understand this but you gotta see this Through.

About The Transcend: Our Thanks to you for your Tremendous Work

Cyrille The Angel: I’m happy to hear that. Thank you.

Find the playlist as soon as you can and enjoy,

Our Thanks to Spotify for This gesture,


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