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Nzila Mule: The Album Review

Released on the 25th January 2019 on the diverse digital platforms(ITunes, Apple Music, Spotify and others), the third Album solo by Cyrille The Angel: Nzila Mule proves to be The Smoothest Album on Transcend. Contrarily to Cyrille The Angel’s previous Albums, Nzila Mule contains No Remixes which means that from the first song to the last is a New Song in your ears. That’s quite impressive. I’ll say Prolific….  Let me try to give you an Idea of what you gonna have on this Album.

Starting with a really good song titled Nzila Mule, I am reminded of the simplicity of life. The song is in the style loved and developed by Cyrille The Angel:  An Acapella with many intricate voices accompanying and a Rap that resonated in my ears as a reminder of the need to just be inspired to do so. The song is recorded while it rains and the sound of the rain gives it another dimension, a dimension of life.

The Album Nzila Mule continues with a great vibe. The use of the soprano saxophone (I treated it on the first Article of this blog) which I believe is now the Emblem of Transcend is amazing. The marriage between the bass guitar and the soprano saxophone makes you wish you could just deepen your soul on this music and maybe see what you can grasp on it. But it is not just the Soprano Saxophone that is great or the bass guitar. The incredible performance of Cyrille The Angel makes me feel that maybe he did master the art of Music. The Rap is incredible. For those who loves rap, they will be delighted with songs like Anonymous, Original, What you sayin’ to Me and Memory. Here Cyrille The Angel shows more Maturity.

The Master of the tracks is good and I have particularly loved the warmth emanating from it. There is a Deep sense of Life and Understanding that makes me wish that we can go further in Life. I mean, I can go further.  I am impressed with the song Nzila Mule as he left the sound of the Rain on the background. And sometimes the rain plays like an instrumental to Cyrille The Angel’s voice. That is really impressive and it is done by Cyrille The Angel himself.

The Album Nzila Mule in general treats about the Self and an engagement of some sort. The Album beat my senses in the beginning, then, brought me to some Blues of mine before releasing me to life again with song like Written Down In Stars. It’s a Great Introverting Album if you ask me. Song like Eyes of Beauty will definitely get you into yourself and have you feel in another way. But, it’s also a Funny Album with songs like Everyday… and When The Song Is Over. I laughed a lot.

Dedicated to Congo, Africa and Miami, Florida, USA, I will definitely give The Album Nzila Mule by Cyrille The Angel an A. I don’t think that it is The Best Album by Cyrille The Angel but surely, it is in my opinion one of The Realest and Greatest Album he ever did.

The only thing that I did not like is the fact that I really felt her: Jessica, his Elvish Wife and Inspiration and I will be obliged to write an Article about it. She really came out on the Album strongly. But, in the Overall, I think it is the Best Album in The Transcend Music.

The best thing happens once in Life and this Album Nzila Mule will only happen once. So, Buy it now and let us know what you think about it here on The Blog.

Here is the link where you can buy or stream The Album Nzila Mule by Cyrille The Angel:


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