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The Single I’ve Always Lived for The Moment by Cyrille The Angel or The Asian Dream

Before starting this Article, I’d like to wish everybody a Happy New Year. And may it be a Better Year. And a Better way is the whole subject on this New Single that gonna drop soon on major digital platforms. Cyrille The Angel came with a song really enriching and pleasant. An exquisite Transcend Song. And this is what I’m going to talk about right now.

The song starts with a heavy drum. When listening to the song for the first time, I was like what is happening. But then, The Pipa, Far East Asian instrument, started to play with Cyrille The Angel starting Transcending his Rap. And I found myself projected into a feel never experienced before. I ask myself what it is. When I thought that Cyrille The Angel will only Transcend his Rap, he starts transcending (Singing Cyrille The Angel’s way, for those who dont know). Here I am gone because I don’t know what’s going on now. Later, Cyrille The Angel transcends his rap and transcends to conclude the song. Everything is merged perfectly to make a perfect Transcend Song. This is one of the many things The Musical Genre Transcend stands for: Marrying everything into one without destroying the other. The attrayant voice of Cyrille The Angel makes the song a tremendous and very charming song, a song that will stay in the Memory of many as The Asian Dream.

Indeed, the song came about when Cyrille The Angel had a dream of seeing a Geisha dancing on a sound of a pipa playing on the background. He was so touched that he added the soprano saxophone and Drums later to make the instrumental we have now. But the most impressive is the use of the Pipa as main instrument. I am impressed by the charm emanating from the instrument. Why good things are hidden, I ask myself? Why do we need to go into the recess of our Mind to find the Best of our lives? You might ask if the next girl or boy you met lately is the one for you. But if you can’t really feel it and work toward it, you will never know. And I see this song as that effort by Cyrille The Angel to reach a Love requiring something special from him: his Skill. And on this song, the skill is tremendous.

I just would like to thank Cyrille The Angel right now for this incredible song. I can’t talk much as the song is not yet out on major digital platforms. But I can assure you to let you know when it is out and available for the streaming and buying. You can follow Cyrille The Angel here on Instagram where he teased his fans with the song: @cyrilletheangel. Just check his recent videos.

To me, the song is a Top Notched Song and Cyrille The Angel transcending and skill are just on another level.

Happy New Year,

By About The Transcend,

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